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    During the Mid-Autumn Festival,many parks in Guangzhou would hold traditional lantern fairs
    DATE:2017-09-13 01:54

    Lantern fair is an ancient Han Chinese custom, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the three main lantern festivals in China. During this period, many parks in Guangzhou would hold traditional lantern fairs to display lanterns and riddles. Festive lanterns constitute a variety of scenarios to present Cantonese customs and even the conventional local dining culture.



    This year, a Lighting Fair & Flower Show with the theme of "Enchanted Forest" is held from 27th September to 5th November in Yuntai Garden in Baiyun District, Guangzhou to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day of the People’s Republic of China. It’s a perfect place to admire the festival lantern and flowers at the same time. Don’t hesitate to pay a visit! It will be worth your while.