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    The 7th Folk Cultural Festival of “Lychee Bay · New Xiguan”
    DATE:2017-09-30 01:55

    The 7th Folk Cultural Festival of “Lychee Bay · New Xiguan” will be held from 1st October to 3rd October in Lychee Bay scenic spot. The activities include dragon and lion dance, performance of cucurbit flute and Cantonese Opera, lantern riddles guessing, setting lanterns on the river and mooncake DIY workshop.



    Located in Liwan District, Guangzhou, Lychee Bay is the best place to taste the local flavor of Lingnan region. Clear water flows in curved river way, while red lychee shining brightly on both sides --- this is how Chinese ancient poem describes the Bay.


    The Bay’s history dates back to 2200 years ago and it became one of the eight most famous attractions in Guangzhou in Ming Dynasty. However, it decayed and disappeared in 1992 because of the pollution caused by urbanization and industrialization of Guangzhou city. It’s not until 2009 was the plan of rebuilding Lychee Bay put into effect and water imported from Liwan Lake into the river.



    There are many historical relics and historical architectures in Lychee Bay, such as Leung Ancestral Hall, Xiguan residential buildings, Wen Tower where enshrines the God of Literature, Guangzhou Wenjin Antique Market and Longjin Bridge. Various cultural activities are held on Lychee Bay, including Cruise ship and the competition of Cantonese opera. Local snacks such as beef offal, water chestnut drink, vegetarian roast goose and other soy bean products are worth trying.