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    Wetland Parks
    DATE:2017-05-04 12:46

    Guangzhou is home to 19 existing wetland parks, and three new ones are under construction. A wetland is an area where water covers or lies at the surface of the soil, for all or parts of the year. If you are not sure which wetland parks you should visit, no worries, these tips will give you some ideas. 

    Nansha Wetland Park 

    Known as “the kidney of Guangzhou,” Nansha Wetland Parks is the city’s fist wetland park and serves as a great respite for anyone wanting to escape the pressure of modern life. There are different views in different seasons. During spring, visitors can spot many new birds’ nests nestled in mangroves as the migratory birds make their way back to the park. When summer comes, visitors can feast their eyes on the lotus flowers that cover the lake. Whilst in autumn, tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscape of reeds around the park. 

    How to get there:

    Take Metro Line 4 to Jiaomen station, Exit A, and then transfer to bus 23 and take it to the park. 

    Ticket price: 50 yuan per person 


    Haizhu Wetland Park

    Located only 3 kilometers from Canton tower, Haizhu Wetland Park, the “heart” of Guangzhou, is the first national wetland park in the city and the largest downtown wetland park in China’s super metropolises. It is a great place to visit, with thousand of flowers, 142 species of birds, 344 species of plants and a multitude of fish. 

    How to get there:

    Take Metro Line 3 to Datang station, Exit B, and then transfer to bus line: 761, 264,170,762,206 or 45 and go to Longtan village station 

    Ticket price: 50 yuan per person 


    Gull Island Wetland Park 

    Established last year, Gull Island Wetland Park is a good place to experience the joys of wetlands in Panyu district. This area was designed to be home for mangroves and other wildlife, and biking is the easiest and best way to discover its beauty. 

    How to get there: Take Metro Line 3 to Shiqiao station, Exit C, and then transfer to bus 148 and go to Jiangou village station. 

    Ticket price: Free 


    Dasha River Wetland Park

    As one of the five ecological zones in Liwan district, Dasha River Wetland Park was completed in 2010. Flowers and plants grow on two sides of Dasha river, which runs through the park. Bird watching paradise, Lovers corridor and rose road are the main attractions. 

    How to get there:

    Take Metro Line 1 to Fangcun station, Exit D, and then transfer to bus 207 and head to Guangzhou Flowers Expo Park station. 

    Ticket price: Free 


    Source: Lifeofguangzhou.com